Projektantka Asia Borycka

Unikatowa Biżuteria. Znakomita. Niezwykła. Ponadczasowa...jednak zawsze bardzo na czasie.

Oto, co usłyszą ci o dyskryminującym guście i własnym stylu, którzy już odkryli biżuterię AVAASI.

Nowojorska Projektantka Asia Borycka mieszkająca w Stanach od 2001 roku. Początkowo swoją karierę zawodową rozpoczęła w Chicago, aby w 2013 roku przenieść ją do Nowego Jorku, gdzie mieszka i pracuje do dziś. Asiaustanowila swoją firmę w 2007 r. po zwróceniu uwagi na swoją unikalną kolekcję, najpierw w jednym z najlepszych butików w Chicago, a następnie w Nowym Jorku, Miami i Kalifornii.

Projekty AVAASI NY to kolekcje limitowanych edycji projektowanych i w Nowym Jorku. Kolekcja sprzedawana jest w wybranych, ekskluzywnych sklepach na całym świecie.

The brand encompasses modern elegance with a touch of Rock'n'Roll feel, with perhaps very important thing being the fact that each piece is made by hand and not machine.

By virtue of her approach to design and accessories without boundaries, jewelry has become a new medium to Asia: a method to reshape and enhance the most beautiful and forgotten parts of the body. The signature part of her collection is created and designed three-dimensionally.

Asia's innovative design process is an ongoing search for harmony and grace. She employs a sophisticated mix of semi-precious stones, subtly-detailed rich metals and other natural components to allow her to sculpt shapes that compliment a woman's silhouette, in much the same way haute couturier Vionnet's designs redefined thefemale form.

AVAASI is definitely not for those who want to follow what everyone else is already wearing.

As the designer says: "It really inspires me to keep my creativity flowing in new AVAASI designs, and I realize that both the people who wear my jewelry and the select stores that carry them are not those trying to follow the latest trends. They are those with their own distinct sense of style and individuality who others tend to follow."

That is why these beautiful, cutting edge works by one of the world's rising stars in jewelry design, have already graced the runways of top fashion shows in Paris, New York and Chicago, have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and are worn by top celebrities.

"Spontaneity has always been integral to my design process," Asia notes. "It allows me to be fully absorbed in the moment. I never hesitate to make sudden changes to the piece I'm working on."

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